Publishing Conditions


1. Each person, who has obtained at least a master degree (magister prawa) in law or related sciences (administration, political sciences) may submit a proposal for a publication.

2. Paper must be of scientific character and shall refer to public law in an extensive meaning (i.e. administrative law, constitutional law, public economic law, public international law, European Union law, financial and fiscal law, criminal law, history of law) or shall concern topics regarding both public and private law. We publish studies, articles, glosses, case-law reviews as well as book reviews. A gloss shall concern court rulings not older than 12 months from the date of submission. The book or article reviews shall concern elaborations that were published not earlier than 12 months before date of submission.

3. The elaboration shall be submitted in electronic version in Microsoft Word Editor. Editorial Staff has the right to shorten each text and to carry out proofreading. Detailed editing guidelines (in Polish) are available in Appendix ?KPPubl ZASADY REDAKCJI TEKSTU? under ?Downloads?.

4. The author should give his first and last name as well as affiliation.

5. Abstract in English and English translation of the title shall be attached to each submitted elaboration.

6. The author should give his correspondence address (including e-mail) and phone number.

7. Submitted elaboration shall in no case be published in any other periodical or book; authors are therefore asked to submit (together with the elaboration) a suitable statement (see Appendix ?KPPubl OSWIADCZENIE AUTORA? under ?Downloads?).

8. Ghostwriting and plagiarism indicate scientific dishonesty, thus all such cases will be detected and indicated towards relevant subjects and bodies. Therefore we kindly ask authors to submit ? together with the elaboration ? a suitable statement (see Appendix ?KPPubl OSWIADCZENIE AUTORA? under ?Downloads).

9. Submission of elaboration for publication is equivalent with a statement that author possesses all relevant copyrights and agrees to publish the elaboration in ?Kwartalnik Prawa Publicznego? in a paper version, which the primary one.

10. Each elaboration submitted for publication undergoes a peer-review procedure. The author shall await  a decision concerning publication within a maximum period of 2 months. According to a quarterly publishing cycle, author may expect the publication within a period of maximum 6 months ? depending of the type of elaboration and other elaborations in queue.

11. Authors of published elaborations receive no royalty fees.

12. In case of elaborations prepared by a number of authors, a percentage of each author?s contribution shall be indicated.

13. A primary language version of ?Kwartalnik Prawa Publicznego?is Polish.

14. Elaborations shall be submitted in electronic version via e-mail:

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